OoUD is a transdisciplinary design and real estate development group committed to responsible development and its potential. OoUD is comprised of individuals with different expertise and perspectives, which combine to create a democratic design process rooted in the improvement of the communities we serve.

The group began with the realization that priorities and incentives are misaligned in the design and development industry. We often see design for the sake of design, or high rises that isolate its residents, and promote clear divides of people and places. Instead, we believe that development should prioritize the human potential within environments, and the interaction between people, the spaces they occupy, and the spaces they neighbor.


Five Principles

Our process involves a scalable design system for development, based on the following five principles: Economics, Technology, Ecology, Culture, and Social Justice. We incorporate each as follows:


The intelligent allocation of scarce resources in a world of unlimited wants.


Increasing connectivity that allows for unprecedented opportunities for the democratic design process, and the ongoing improvement of the human experience in each development.


Sustainable construction practices, as well as renewable energy utilization to demonstrate responsibility and investment in our shared environment.


The manifestation of the collective knowledge and values of a community.

Social Justice

The respect for and of the community, and its residents, that contributes to their ongoing development and empowerment.